How to Land Your First Job After College

Securing that first job after college can be daunting prospect for many college seniors and recent graduates. However, you can take charge of the process by following a few simple strategies to get your career off to a positive start.

Here are tips for landing your first job after college.

Check With Your Career Center
Begin by tapping the resources that are available to you as a student or recent graduate from your college.

Visit the career office at your school and meet with a career advisor to discuss how you can take advantage of the services and programs that are available.

Career counseling is available if you are unsure of your goals. Advisors can help you to develop resumes and cover letters, prepare for interviews and formulate a job search plan suited to your interests.

Colleges also host visits from individual recruiters, hold career fairs on campus, offer recruitment events in key cities and sponsor alumni networking programs.

Start Networking
Undoubtedly you have heard that networking is one of the most effective ways to land a job. Networking may seem difficult to you as a senior or recent graduate. Review these career networking tips for college students before you start.

The best approach is often an indirect one that is, reaching out to contacts for information and advice rather than directly asking people to hire you.

Tap your natural curiosity about their work to learn more about what they do in a typical day, the types of skills required for success and the nature of their interactions with people. Seek advice about the best ways to find a job in their field, and feedback about your resume.

Ask your contacts to brainstorm about positions in their sector which might be suitable given your background.

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